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Course Schedule


Given a list of courses and their prerequisites, how can a valid course schedule be constructed such that all prerequisites are satisfied?

Example 1
Input: numCourses = 2, prerequisites = [[1,0]]
Output: [0,1]



def courseSchedule(numCourses, prerequisites):
graph = [[] for _ in range(numCourses)]
visited = [0 for _ in range(numCourses)]

for x, y in prerequisites:

def dfs(i):
if visited[i] == -1:
return False
if visited[i] == 1:
return True
visited[i] = -1

for j in graph[i]:
if not dfs(j):
return False

visited[i] = 1
return True

for i in range(numCourses):
if not dfs(i):
return False

return True