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Interval List Intersections


Given two lists of closed intervals, find the intersection of these two lists and return a list of the intersecting intervals.

Example 1


all//Interval List

def intervalListIntersections(A, B):
#store the intersection intervals
result = []

# Pointers to keep track of the current interval of each list
i = 0
j = 0

# Iterate until either of the pointers reaches the end of their list
while i < len(A) and j < len(B):
# Get the current intervals of both lists
low = max(A[i][0], B[j][0])
high = min(A[i][1], B[j][1])

# If the current intervals overlap, add to the result
if low <= high:
result.append([low, high])

# Move the pointer of the interval with the smallest end
if A[i][1] < B[j][1]:
i += 1
j += 1

return result