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Smallest Range Covering Elements from K Lists


Given 'K' lists of sorted integers, find the smallest range that includes at least one element from each of the 'K' lists.

Example 1
Input: [[4,10,15,24,26], [0,9,12,20], [5,18,22,30]]
Output: [20,24]


all//Smallest Range Covering Elements from K

def smallestRangeCoveringElementsFromKLists(lists):
starts = [row[0] for row in lists]
ends = [row[-1] for row in lists]
min_range_start = min(starts)
max_range_end = max(ends)
min_range = (min_range_start, max_range_end)
range_covered = False
while not range_covered:
range_covered = True
for i in range(len(lists)):
if min_range[0] > lists[i][0] or min_range[1] < lists[i][-1]:
range_covered = False
if min_range[0] > lists[i][0]:
min_range = (lists[i][0], min_range[1])
min_range = (min_range[0], lists[i][-1])
return min_range