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Sort Items by Groups Respecting Dependencies


Given a list of items with dependencies among them, sort the items such that all items dependent on a particular item are placed after it in the list while preserving the order of the other items.

Example 1


all//Sort Items by Groups Respecting

def sort_items_by_groups(items, dependencies):

sorted_items = []

# Create a dict to map items to the groups they belong to
group_map = {}
for item, group in items:
group_map[item] = group

# Create a set of items to track which ones we have already added
added_items = set()

# Go through each group and add all the items that don't have any
# dependencies.
for group in set(group_map.values()):
for item in items:
if item[0] not in added_items and not any([x[0] in added_items and x[1] == item[0] for x in dependencies]):

# Now go through the dependencies and add the items that have dependencies
for dependency in dependencies:
if dependency[0] in added_items and dependency[1] not in added_items:
for item in items:
if item[0] == dependency[1]:

return sorted_items